“Be the first to hire the Burger Guy, because everyones had the taco guy!!”

I really love good food. I especially love sharing good food with family and friends. It makes me very happy that I can make your party have that, plus I really enjoy meeting people!

Our catering package is charged based on your desired “Patty Count” and our rate is $6.25 a patty.
*Weddings and larger parties may be subject to a Service charge if extra staffing is needed*

Our minimum package includes 2 hours of cooking time onsite with 75 patties. This includes paper boats to serve the burgers in and napkins as well. We cook to order and your guests can adjust their burgers as needed, we do have a vegetarian option as well.

We’d recommend doubling your guest count to estimate your patties needed, this will leave you with more than enough and usually some leftovers for guests to take home. We cover the floor where we cook to capture any grease that may spill.

**We need to arrive 1 hour before to set up and tear down is 30-45 minutes.**

We can also make custom burgers, add specials and bring our local San Diego swell soda to your event if needed. As of now we do not offer any sides.
Contact me if you need any other info!

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